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The Battle of Thermopylae


The Battle of Thermopylae

     Sparta was a city-state in Ancient Greece. Sparta was uniques among the Greek city-states because of its harsh, disciplined military society. 
     After taking over the Messenians, military and self- service became the center of Spartan society. Babies were decided whether to live or die when they are born. If the child was strong it was meant to live, or if it was weak, it was left in the hills to die. When a boy child turned 7, they were taken to camps to be trained to become soldiers. At 20, they became soldiers. Then they spent much of their time with other fellow soldiers.
     For all Spartans, their lives belonged to the whole state instead of their own. They served the state until the age of 60.
     The women, were also very disciplined. They were to educate their male children to become brave and disciplined soldiers, and female children to become good and disciplined house wives. The women were in charge of the household when teh males were at war.
     Spartan government was a democratic timocratic monarchical oligarchy. Sparta had the most stable government in the Ancient Greece. At the top of the government, was a 2 monarchy, and below was 2 kings, and 28 nobles, who were all over the ages of 60, who retired from military. Above all of them was 5 noble men called the ephorates. These 5 men had power over everthing. They even had the power to overthrow the king.
     In the 6th century, the Spartans, in fear of their neighboring power, they started to conquer their neighboring countries. However with Tegea, their neighbor, they made a treaty. From since, Tegea joined Sparta in every battle, trade, and any interactions among countries. However, Spartan's reigned ended when Persia invaded them in 490 B.C.
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by Edward, Keith, Cody